A New Day At First Stop

A Fundraising Campaign

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Has there ever been a more exciting time to be a part of the Huntsville community? Consistently named one of the best places to live and work in the country, we are continually surrounded by new economic, entertainment and recreational opportunities. Unfortunately, Huntsville’s growth also means a growth in the homeless community, as well as the challenges that group faces and presents.

A New Day at First Stop is about supporting the growth of Huntsville with expanded facilities, resources and programs to assist our growing number of homeless clients secure independent, sustainable housing.

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Hundreds of volunteers each year are actively involved at First Stop bringing and serving meals, helping in the office, working on special projects, helping with fundraising and events, and participating in outreach to the camps.

Campus Expansion

First Stop’s location in the heart of the city is perfect and accessible to the homeless community. On an average day, more than 70 homeless clients come to participate in classes or group meetings, receive vital services including hot meals and access to showers and laundry services, and meet with a Case Manager to find employment and address life’s many obstacles on the road to independent housing.

Case Managers, the heart and soul of First Stop’s mission, work one-on-one with clients to set personal goals, work through professional and legal challenges, develop a sustainable income, and ultimately achieve sustainable housing.

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The Enrichment Program

Homelessness is about more than just housing

Our homeless clients face numerous problems and challenges. Lasting success requires education, training and preparation.

First Stop’s new Enrichment program will provide important resources and guidance to clients as they progress down the path to independent living. Through a combination of partnerships with other community organizations and programs developed and executed by First Stop staff and volunteers, clients will receive help in important areas like:

  • Job Readiness and Workforce Training
  • Financial Empowerment, Educational
  • Skill Development
  • Health and Hygiene

Ready to Move Initiative

This “final” piece of the Enrichment Program walks with the client as they move into their new home, providing “in-home” assistance for running and managing a household, staying connected to supportive resources, and learning how to be a good tenant and roommate.

A successful 2021 launch of the Enrichment Program will require additional curriculum, equipment and staffing.