First Stop Board of Directors

Mike Gordon


Tim Davis

Vice President

Paul Pradat

Vice President

Paul Freeman


Maureen Gordon


Delois Smith


Patty Lowe


Kenny Anderson


Dear God,

Watch over your children,

Especially those with no homes to return to at the end of long and weary days.

Protect them from all harm and keep them from despair.

Open the hearts and eyes of those of us with blessings to share.

Unite our voices in a call for justice:

  • So that no man needs to ever lay down for the night on a wooden park bench because he has no home;
  • So that no woman needs to ever tuck her children into the back seat of her car because she has no home;
  • So that no child needs to ever wonder, “Where will I feel safe?” because he has no home;
  • So that all those who wander and all who are in need find the shelter and the peace they seek.

Remind us, O God, that we cannot rest fully secure in our homes each night until all your children are, at last, home.