case management worker at First Stop sitting at desk with notebook

Professional Case Management

As members of the homeless community frequent the First Stop Day Center, they not only receive important services and support, they also begin to learn about opportunities to work with Case Management to address many difficult and long-standing obstacles. 

First Stop’s team of Case Managers work personally with homeless clients to address obstacles in their lives, locate and take advantage of other agency services in the community, resolve outstanding legal issues, develop important life skills, obtain full-time employment on sustainable income, and ultimately secure independent housing. 

Homelessness is a complex issue with many causes. The work of a First Stop Case Manager typically begins with simply helping a client secure a valid ID. That’s often the first (but important) step in a long road. The key is to keep moving forward, addressing issues and challenges systematically. The ultimate goal is to help the client achieve independent, sustainable living.

First Stop Case Managers are skilled and experienced in helping homeless clients to:

  • Secure Valid IDs
  • Address City Fines & Legal Obligations
  • Seek Psychiatric or Mental Health Evaluations
  • Accessing Necessary Prescription Medications
  • Establish a Valid Mailing Address
  • Complete & Submit Job Applications
  • Acquire Suitable Clothes for a Job Interview
  • Secure Transportation to Interviews & Appointments
  • Apply for Available Housing Programs
  • Receive Ongoing Guidance & Mentoring