Welcome to the First Stop Day Center!

First Stop’s Day Center plays a pivotal role in supporting the homeless community by offering a welcoming environment during daytime hours when many shelters are closed. Open Monday through Friday, our center provides essential services such as two daily meals, access to showers and laundry services, distribution of hygiene items, and partner services. These offerings not only meet immediate needs but also serve as incentives for individuals from the streets and camps to engage with First Stop and begin building connections with our Case Managers and staff.

With the invaluable support of dedicated volunteers and donors, First Stop is able to serve hot and nutritious breakfasts and lunches to our homeless community every weekday. These mealtimes serve as vital opportunities for fostering relationships and encouraging our homeless friends to take positive steps toward improving their health and future.

Our Weekly Impact:

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Weekly Partners

First Stop collaborates with partner agencies in the community to provide additional services and support to First Stop clients under one roof. This includes medical and mental health agencies, veteran services, churches, and more. The organizations below provide weekly services to clients in the First Stop Day Center.

ShowerUp Huntsville – We have partnered with ShowerUp Huntsville to provide shower facilities at our Day Center! ShowerUp is a nonprofit organization dedicated to offering mobile showers, hygiene resources, and personal care to those in need. If you’re interested in learning more about ShowerUp Huntsville or volunteering with ShowerUp at First Stop, please reach out to Heather Slaughter. She’ll be happy to provide you with more information and help you get involved!


Suds-n-Buds – First Stop has partnered with Suds-n-Buds to provide laundry services to First Stop clients. Ensuring access to clean laundry is essential for maintaining dignity and hygiene, particularly for individuals experiencing homelessness. Clients can wash one load of laundry per day and two loads per week at our facility. Suds-n-Buds operates on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm and Wednesdays from 1pm to 3pm. We’re grateful for this partnership, which helps us better serve our community.

WellStone – We’re thrilled to partner with WellStone to offer on-site mental health assistance at First Stop. With a dedicated Mental Health Adult Outreach Therapist visiting three times per week, clients can access individual counseling, crisis assistance through WellStone Emergency Services, and referrals for psychiatry or recovery services. This collaboration enhances our ability to support the mental well-being of individuals experiencing homelessness, providing vital resources and assistance right here at our facility.

The First Stop Day Center serves meals and provides support and services to almost 100 homeless individuals daily. It’s amazing to witness, and that work would not be possible without the help of countless volunteers.