EMPOWERING our clients to achieve stability.

At First Stop, we understand that building a pathway out of homelessness requires more than just meeting immediate needs—it involves equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable independence. That’s why we collaborate closely with community partners and volunteer instructors to offer a range of enrichment education, skills workshops, and mentoring support to our clients.

Our goal is clear: to empower our clients with the tools they need to transition out of homelessness and into independent, sustainable living. Through these educational opportunities and mentorship programs, we provide practical guidance on crucial life skills, job readiness, financial literacy, and housing preparedness. By investing in our clients’ personal development and growth, we are laying the foundation for long-term success and self-sufficiency. Together, we are building brighter futures and breaking the cycle of homelessness, one step at a time.

Our Enrichment Classes are designed with the client in mind to set them up for independent, sustainable living.

All members of the homeless population are welcome to participate in our workshops. These sessions will cover a condensed overview of community resources, education on healthy life choices, and insights into targeted goals and valuable skill sets, all facilitated by community experts.

The Enrichment Program is a six-week intensive program that empowers gainful and useful information and techniques that will aid clients in maintaining self-sufficiency. These courses can also culminate in certificates and job recommendations after completion.

The courses will include:

  • Cognitive Distortions/Positive Self Talk/ Self Esteem
  • Managing Mental Health/Managing Addition
  • Self-Care/Nutrition/Positive Support
  • Effective Communication/Conflict Resolution/Anger Management
  • Goal Setting/Prioritizing/Time Management
  • Job Readiness
  • Finances
  • Housing Fundamentals/Review


Course terms throughout the year:

  • March 4- April 9
  • April 22- May 28
  • June 10- July 16
  • July 29- September 3
  • September 16- October 22
  • November 12- December 17

The Mentoring Program is continued development for two years to various support and mentoring groups that will instill a sense of community and prosperous re-engagement into society.

As a final step to empower our clients and ensure their sustained success in independent living, First Stop Case Managers offer two years of supportive services for housed clients. This phase of our Case Management program involves regular follow-up calls and in-home visits.