Meeting the homeless where they are.

The path to independent, sustainable housing for a homeless individual must start with trust and relationships. Huntsville, Alabama, is a caring and generous community with many worthy organizations, agencies and churches ready to offer resources and programs to help the homeless community. 

But, that only addresses half the battle. 

Many of the individuals in homeless camps have endured enormous amounts of pain, abuse and neglect. Some struggle daily with physical health, mental health and substance abuse issues. Often, the individuals most in need of help and support are distrustful of agencies and authorities. Others have lost hope or the motivation to change their circumstances. 

First Stop’s Outreach Team encounters the homeless where they are to provide on-site case management and care. Outreach visits the homeless encampments and partner organizations each week. Our team members have years of experience and training in reaching out to the homeless community. Outreach Teams perform 4 critically important functions:

outreach program helps Man laying with his German Shepard Dog on Concrete

Take basic aid and supplies (critically needed items and care packs) to members of the homeless community.

Gather important information about camp populations, health, living conditions and other issues.

Mobile Case Management
Vital records assistance,
Case management,
Emergency medical assistance,
Collaborate to provide emergency mental health care, additional medical care, and other services.

Invite homeless individuals to visit First Stop’s facility and Day Center for more help.

In my experience, helping homeless persons starts with consistently building trusting relationships – encouraging them to believe they truly can move to better living situations with the help of First Stop and partner agency services.

How can you help?

First Stop maintains an inventory of items to supply the Outreach Teams each week. Visit our updated Needs List to see which items we need the most.