First Stop has recently introduced a Substance Use Service Coordinator (SUSC) dedicated to supporting unhoused individuals struggling with addiction. The SUSC encounters clients experiencing substance misuse or substance use disorder (SUD) where they are, connects them to vital services, and empowers them to provide ongoing support as they pursue recovery and work toward obtaining independent, sustainable living

The Substance Use Service Coordinator provides many critical services to individuals experiencing homelessness:

  • Overdose prevention and response education
  • Facilitation of weekly support groups
  • Guidance and assistance in navigating treatment facilities and recovery program options
  • Support in developing post-treatment plans, such as recovery housing or family reunification, medication management, and addressing individual needs
  • Ongoing support and maintenance of contact while clients are in treatment or recovery programs
  • Collaboration and referral to local agencies offering withdrawal management services, medication for addiction treatment, mental health treatment, and other essential services
  • Coordination with the client’s Case Manager at First Stop to ensure comprehensive support and assistance
  • Assistance in finding a sponsor or mentor to enhance support during recovery
  • Removal of barriers to recovery and support in keeping individuals engaged in the recovery process.